Darug Aboriginal Singer, Songwriter


Who I am

My name is Stacy-Jane Etal, I am a Darug Aboriginal woman from the Cabrogal (Liverpool) clan.

I have sung with school and community choirs most of my life as well as being a poet. Only a few years ago I was encourage to combine these two passions and start composing songs that invoked my Aboriganl culture and my desire to tell my Darug story.

Music experience 

Since the time I could speak I have put my words to music. I sang in my primary school and high school choirs, as well in church performances. I have sung in Community Choirs in the Hawkesbury, Penrith and Springwood areas.

I have also sung with the Sydney Philomonia Choir. 

I started out doing solo performances through being asked to perform Welcome to Country at various events. 

I wrote my first song I am a Darug Woman six years ago in response to many people saying the Darug people no longer existed or that we are the Eora nation. ( Eora is simply the Darug word for people of this place)

Since then I have written five more songs:

 Sorry Day 

Warami Darug Nura

The Old Ones Still Speak

Warada Darug Dyin

 Guyung Yarragul

Yanna Darug Nura (Children’s Song)

Warami Yanu

I have also had the pleasure of co–writing a song,Buriyalla Burramatta with Noongar ICI composer Elizabeth Sheppard.

I am currently studying music performance at Eora TAFE. 


Other Information

Keynote Recording Studio Auburn 26/9/18

Amazing News!

 I recorded my first album, Buriyalla Darug Nura, 8 original songs at Keynote Studio, Auburn on 26/9/18!

Event Organiser

Another skill I have is in Event organising. I have run many successful events over the years including: Hawkesbury NAIDOC concerts, Sorry Day Events, the Deerubbin Choir Festival, Singing on Deerubbin Shores Workshop Weekend, Parramatta East Public School NAIDOC day.

Announce coming events

   Singing on Deerubbin Shores will be happening again on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February 2019 in Richmond NSW. Go to my upcoming events page for more details.

Display real testimonials

Review by Elizabeth Sheppard, 

Warm congratulations to singer songwriter Stacy Etal, a talented young trail blazer for Darug Aboriginal cultural revival, on her recent website launch! Stacy’s sung Darug Welcome to Country and Darug Aboriginal language songs were featured at 2018 Burramatta NAIDOC, and are scheduled for performance at many school and community events across Sydney in coming months. Stacy’s Darug music is strongly supported by the passing of the NSW Aboriginal Languages Bill 2017, which requires the reintroduction of previously threatened NSW Aboriginal languages (as revived by NSW Aboriginal Affairs Department teams and Independent Schools teams in collaboration with respected Darug Aboriginal musicians such as Aunty Jacinta Tobin, Aunty Judith Joyce) into all NSW Schools. Stacy is a skilled Darug Aboriginal guitarist and singer with a confident command of sung Darug language, and a growing repertoire of traditional Darug Aboriginal songs. She is a direct descendant of the Cabrogal Darug clan, with Australian Aboriginal genealogy impeccably researched, proven and recorded by her mother, Cabrogal Darug Aboriginal Elder Aunty Judith Joyce. 

As the lyrics of one of Stacy’s songs say,

 “they say we all died out, but I live and breathe and talk.”

Performing Welcome to Country

Warami Darug Nura 

Welcome to Country Sung in Darug Language 

(written and performed by Stacy -Jane Etal at the YMCA Parramatta Reconcillation Event)

Performing original songs

Riverstone NAIDOC 12/7/18

I am a Darug Woman  written and performed by Stacy-Jane Etal.

Contact Me

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

For  inquires or to book me for Welcome to Country or Cultural presentations, please feel free to send me a message here.